Our Vision

Our Lifelong Learning model begins with getting students engaged with what they are learning. This is done through a variety of ways from school visits (both taking students on school/class trips and virtual field trips) to activities within the school. We also get students involved with hands-on activities in the class to help them gain a deeper understanding of their learning. We believe students who are fully engaged are better learners.

Students who are engaged and thinking ask good questions.

It is important that students have an authentic audience to present their new learning to. When they create something new it requires them to either show their new learning or show their thinking when they analyse and evaluate something already existing, and how they have designed and invented something new.

Students express their learning by creating something new.

This stage is not only about finding information to help them learn something new, but more importantly it is how students use this information. Students can use their information to compare and contrast, rank, show cause and effect, make decisions and connections and explain their information to others.

Students that explore can find, understand and use information.