Rear A Bull For Matapu School!


To the families and extended community of Matapu School,

With the school roll growing, and in a bid to find new ways of fundraising, this year we are launching a fundraiser in which families and community members can rear a bull to 100kg to raise money for projects that benefit the students of Matapu School.

We are asking for a calf, (preferably Fresian bull, Jersey bull, or beef calf) to be reared to at least 100kg with the intention of being picked up and sold around the first week in November or later if it is not ready. We will be giving one bag of Seales Winslow calf meal per calf reared, which has been generously donated by John Baldie from Seales Winslow.

We intend to involve senior students around helping with sponsorship of trucking/ stock selling fees etc and the marketing and selling to learn some business practices along the way,

Students of those families who have reared a calf will have the opportunity to go to the sale in the school van, have lunch and watch the “school calves” being sold through the sale yards process/or alternatively work with the sale process in the paddock.

Those Donating Calves will have their name on a board and displayed on the fence as REAR A BULL - Calf Sponsors of the School and will go in the draw for a substantial mystery prize to be drawn on Matapu School Pet day.

If you are able to help with this scheme, please contact Emma at the School office or Brent Espin on 0275513660

and we will get a calf ID tag to you.

With Thanks,

Matapu School BOT and SPA Committee