Health Curriculum Consultation

Please read through our Health Curriculum below and complete the following survey:

Health and Physical Education programmes at Matapu School will contribute to the total well-being (Hauora) of our students by developing children’s knowledge, skills, attitude and values, so that they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the well-being of other people and society as a whole. In Physical Education, we aim to educate the children in, through, and about movement. In Health Education, we take the motto with the children that healthy body = healthy mind. All children at Matapu School will also be given regular Physical Activity (PA).

The following principles guide our approach:

  • Learners experience a range of physical activities, sports and opportunities with outside agencies

  • Ākonga learn by reflecting on their practise and having many opportunities to hone their skills

  • Learners need a broad range of meaningful, interwoven physical contexts in order to engage and excite them

  • Learners’ attitudes and communication skills will be enhanced through working in a team

  • Ākonga will learn about their personal well-being and how to keep themselves safe

Our Approach

The teachers at Matapu School are expected to facilitate regular Physical Education, providing multiple sessions each week. The units that are to be taught at each time of the year are outlined in each syndicate's long term plan. They will follow the sports sessions, e.g. touch in summer.

To achieve this we:

  • Model the skills that the children require

  • Invite students to try themselves

  • Encourage students to develop their own skills

  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration

  • Promote, fine and gross motor skills

  • Promote fitness for life


Health and Physical Education is to be assessed at Matapu School by the teachers as they are being taught. This is reported to the parents twice a year.

School Wide Events

The school will aim to hold historical school events throughout the year and recognise the efforts and achievements of all our children. With the following events;

Swimming Sports (Term 1) Athletics Sports (Term 1)

Junior triathlon (Term 1) seniors are external Cross Country (Term 3)

Sporting Opportunities

Matapu School will ensure that many opportunities will be provided from outside providers and parents throughout the year. This includes; basketball, athletics, cricket, running and rugby.


Once a year Matapu School holds a Sports Prizegiving to celebrate excellence and handout trophies in; swimming, netball, rugby and basketball.

Positive Puberty

Children in the year 7/8 classes will be offered a programme every second year. Prior to this, parents will be given the opportunity to learn about the content and choose if they would like their child to opt out.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

It is critical that Ākonga at Matapu School are aware of the dangers in their environment, know how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they feel unsafe.